This is my OC. DO NOT use him without permission

His Life

Blazestorm had a peculiar life. He was a messenger for the FlameWings, but one day, he got caught by SkyWings. They tried to force him to tell where the FlameWings were hidden. He refused. So when they were about to kill him, he escaped. He was 6 when he escaped. His parents or birthplace was unknown. He is one of the main protagonists in The Raining Jewel, but he is an antagonist at the end of the story.


Blazestorm is bright orange and red. Like other FlameWings, he was very powerful. But his greatest weakness was the cold. He got weaker, slower, and stupider in the cold. He also has a crush on Cosmos, so obviously Pride is his enemy.


Blazestorm is very serious, but doesn't get mad. Unlike Pride, he is willing to accept his mistakes. So naturally, Cosmos chose Blazestorm. Plus, Blazestorm is really nice, and likes to talk to strangers.


Blazestorm is currently an adventurer, but he will later on, be a spy.