Blast is a Skywing dragonet. He is the son of Queen Ruby and brother of Garnet, therefore making him royalty. He is the main protagonist of Follow the Light. YOU MUST HAVE MY PERMISSION BEFORE USING HIM IN ANY FANFIC. 


He looks like a normal SkyWing, other than being a tad smaller and having a feathery mane, like a SwiftWing. He is a rich red, unlike his cousin, Bolt. He is not a SkyWing/SwiftWing hybrid, despite the mane.


Like the rest of his tribe, he loves to fly and fly fast. He was the fastest dragonet in the Young Flyers Contest, and the only dragonet to meet the speed of an adult Skywing. Like the SkyWings, he also is very skilled at fighting. He uses speed to confuse his opponent, and then uses his tail to stun the enemy, jabbing them in the back. However, unlike other SkyWings, he doesn't like to kill. He just takes them to a safe remote area so they won't harm them anymore.


Queen Ruby: She is very strict, but cares deeply about him and his sister, trying to make him more and more impressive to the female dragonets.

Garnet: Obviously, like other sibs, they tend to fight a lot, but still care about each other.

Eagle: He always is mad at Blast. Blast describes him when mad, "like a volcano erupting". He once said to Ruby that they should just abandon him. Obviously, he isn't one of those fathers that take their son to a game.