Blade is a female SnakeWings and the main protagonist in the fanfiction The Snakedragon Legend.


Blade is a cobra/viper hybrid. She has green scales with brown markings and the famous cobra hood, which has various diamond patterns on it. Blade has blue eyes alternating into green. 


Galena and Saber, two very important SnakeWings in their tribes, fell in love one day. They decided to leave for the Silverscale tribe in order to protect their children. But when they were about to leave, a patrol from the Cobra tribe attacked and punished them by killing Saber and destroying all of the eggs, except for Blade's. Galena quickly fled to the Silverscales, where she settled down.

Blade grew up having two names, Blade Rush. Rush was the name that Saber wanted to name her and Blade was her settled name. She made friends with Tempest, another hybrid.


Sort of sarcastic and easily bored, Blade tends to be a little "sharp" along the edges. And since I have no other way to express this, Blade is more or less a grouch. If you know what I mean. But while she's often snappy and mean, Blade has a soft side with some of her close friends. For some odd reason, she likes it when dragons hate her. 

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