Blackstar is a male NightWing.

A typical NightWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Blackstar is extremely self absorbed, loud, arrogant, and attention seeking. He often proclaims he will pass everything and be a "Star." He has hubris. He is very confident, always wanting to win in anything. He is headstrong and may often rely on in himself to complete the task before others. He often ignores his training as an assassin and barges in as a warrior. Under conditions however, he turns deadly, being relentless if something of importance happens.


He has dark black primary scales and white secondary scales. He is shorter than many dragons and thinner. Blackstar's body ripples with strength as he undergoes extreme physical training. He is skilled in various weapons ,his most deadly and best weapon is a Animus weapon that can change form and each weapon form as a special ability.

Giant Shuriken: Simply a large throwing tool.

Ninja Sword: This allows him to travel at extreme speeds, only on the ground

Scythe: He rarely uses this, he claims that it has no abilities.

Chain Scythe: The length of this weapon can increase and decrease.

Uncanny Katana: This allows him to shift and control his shadow.


He is a skilled assassin, though his training is often forgotten. As said before, he is skilled in many weapons.


He is based on Black Star from Soul Eater.