Betta was created by Luster, but has since been adopted by Helio. Do not use her without permission.


That is an awful picture of her...Anyways, Betta is a smallish SeaWing. Her scales are dark navy blue with a medium blue for her stripes. Her eyes are pale purple. on the tips of her wings, there is a ragged layer of red skin. The wing membranes look something like this...Link


Betta is a traumatized dragon. Because of this, she is paranoid and refuses to stand tall. She is shy and nervous around other dragons. She enjoys solitude and writing. Betta had one friend, Hero, but he betrayed her, so now she doesn't trust anyone enough to make a real friendship. She is very afraid of strangers and doesn't like anyone to read her writings. Betta is very intelligent.


As a SeaWing, Betta can breathe underwater, see in the dark, and has a powerful tail. She has poor eyesight.


  • She has a massive crush on Whirlpool.
  • She dislikes the dark.
  • She is in the process of writing a novel about SeaWings. (Whirlpool approves :D)
  • She has a very low self esteem and jokes about herself often.
  • She wishes she was brave, like her character, Asagi.