Beautiful Swamp

Beautiful Swamp on the cover of Rain and Mud. Sorry about the crappy lighting.

WINDRIDER2501 OC. He is a RainWing/MudWing hybrid in The Opposites Trilogy.


He is a goofy person. He will usually get his facts wrong and does stupid stuff. He likes it when he makes people laugh, and it seems like he lives on laughter. He likes his destiny, and feels lucky that he was the one to be selected for this.


He can shift back and forth between a RainWing form and a MudWing form. In the shade, he is a MudWing. In the light, he is a RainWing. Like Snow Lizard and Cloud Water, he must turn into that tribe to gain it's abilities.


He was always seen as the class clown. Either he was being a funny MudWing or a colorful RainWing, and he loved it. He hates death, death from war, prosecution, and suicide (which is why he and Cloud Water don't get along very well). He is nine years old.


As a RainWing, he is normally pink with yellow underscales. The only thing he cannot change are his wing membranes and frill membranes, which stay a solid brown. In this form, he has blue eyes.

As a MudWing, he has Brown scales and black underscales. His wing membranes will constantly change color. He has orange-brown eyes in this form.

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