A typical SeaWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Baltic is a nine year old male SeaWing.


He is a dark blue, skinny SeaWing. His glow marks are a very bright turquoise. He has one lime green eye, while the other is deep brown.


Baltic was born at the bottom on the ocean, his parents being killed by Coral for hiding royal hatchery eggs that were being crushed by that time. He didn't know of this, thinking his parents were coming back one day. Though, when he was four, found out that queen Coral had killed them. He had found her, and then started to attack her. He was sent to prison. He escaped, and Queen Coral found out he had done it because he found out from one of the guards they would kill queen Coral. He killed the guards planning to kill Coral. She rewarded him with ocean emeralds and jewels, he ended up giving them to lower class Dragons. He has lived a life full of adventure since then.


He is kind hearted and very forgiving to other dragons. But when he needs to defend others and himself, he'll attack anyone and everyone.


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