Belongs to me.


Azureflame does not have stripes along her underbelly at all, and some missing on the bottom parts of her legs. Her stripes along her snout is also gone, but she speaks aquatics very well otherwise (along her tail, she has less stripes too). Her colors are complimentary to each other, and she's quite proud of herself.


She has a tight loyalty for the SeaWing queen (Queen Droplet with friends, but Queen Arowana in my own timeline), and is one of her top, trusted soldiers. Azureflame has a father that is a long-lost animus SkyWing prince, and she didn't know for a long time. She met him one day at Jade Academy.

Her sister was dead, she found this out by her mother, but as she met her father, he thought her mother was dead, and she got super excited to tell him she's alive. While Azureflame was originally kicked out of the palace for to make new friends, she found peace at JMA, where her winglet accepts her. She doesn't use her animus powers anymore, because it's still condemned in Pyrrhia, but she still has secret items with enchantments.


While being stubborn and a bit mean, at times, she can be a great dragon to be around. Despite her loyalness to [the queen], she was known to miss a few orders. Azureflame is super tough, as she took down a beefy Sandwing with her tail alone, but she isn't indestructible. She has her breaking points.


Her ring that temporarily blinds opponents so she can fight easier.

A scroll that when tapped, gives her the correct answers on her homework.

Enchanted a pearl necklace to let her bend water at will (near a water source), but she lost it and is now in Monkey's possession.

A stone that when thrown into water, it comes back with a big, plump, tasty fish attached.

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