Azureflame is a Sea/Sky that belongs to me.


She has a tight loyalty for the SeaWing queen, and is one of her top, trusted soldiers. Azureflame has a father that is a long-lost animus SkyWing prince, and she didn't know for a long time. She met him one day at Jade Academy.

Her sister, Trenchwave, was in the extensive health unit. Azureflame is more on the blue spectrum, while Trenchwave has more of a green to her. She was bigger, and better than Azure (in Azure's opinion). Trench didn't have gills, but she did have fire. Azure was jealous.

After Trench was deeply injured, she was in such a panic to do anything, so she ran off. After knowing her mother was deceased, she was overjoyed to find out her father was still alive. That was when she figured out that she needed to save her twin sister.

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