Belongs to me.

NO LONGER AN ANIMUS (scroll down for more info)


She has a tight loyalty for the SeaWing queen (Queen Droplet with friends, but Queen Arowana in my own timeline), and is one of her top, trusted soldiers. Azureflame has a father that is a long-lost animus SkyWing prince, and she didn't know for a long time. She met him one day at Jade Academy.

Her sister was dead, she found this out by her mother, but as she met her father, he thought her mother was dead, and she got super excited to tell him she's alive.

Azure doesn't have a piece of anything to protect her soul, so she lost it one by one, with every spell she did.


A bone that when touched, it cracks a random bone of that dragon's body (besides her... no longer usable).

Another bone to let her read thoughts of whomever she looked at.

Her ring that temporarily blinds opponents so she can fight easier.

A scroll that when tapped, gives her the correct answers on her homework.

A Seawing to be her servant until she left the Deep Palace.

A piece of seaweed that makes her not go hungry for weeks (meaning she doesn't need to eat for weeks if she doesn't want to), and heighten her stamina (now belongs to Fin).

A big clam that every other day, produces a big beautiful pearl. Every so often, it'll produce a rare gem with the pearl.

Enchanted a pearl necklace to let her bend water at will (near a water source), but she lost it and is now in Monkey's possession.

A red Skywing scale that kills a random Skywing twice a week (no longer usable).

A stone that when thrown into water, it comes back with a big, plump, tasty fish attached (now belongs to Depthstalker).

She was going to make herself invincible from any attack, until an animus stopped her.

No Longer an Animus

Azureflame was going to make herself invincible like Darkstalker. She was so close to doing so, until an animus stopped her. An animus that nobody even knew... Diamondback. She enchanted a stone to be touching Azureflame at all costs, until Diamondback took it off, to not let Azure use her enchantments or her powers.

Azureflame was angry at this, so she lashed out at Diamondback. They fought for a while, and when Azure spilled threats, Diamond seen a glint of evil in her eyes. This was when Diamondback enchanted Azure to no longer be an animus, and she gave the powers to another dragon, whose name was Eerie.

Eerie sensed Azureflame was turning evil from the beginning, but she was scared to tell anyone in fear that Azure would come after her. Diamondback bowed, and let Eerie have the powers. Eerie was thrilled.

Azure cried and cried, being comforted by her father that she didn't need her powers anymore. She was kicked out of the school for endangering other students' lives.

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