"Oh, look at all the cool stuff down here! Come back fishies! I just want to eat you!"

This is a cheerful SeaWing dragoness OC belonging to Aiden1200.

But no, it wasn't just an ordinary shiny dark red rock, it was a very cool looking rock with purple ripples and black speckles scattered over its surface. The most important thing though, was that it was now the dragon's rock, and the dragon was more than comfortable with sunning on its new rock.

General Information

  • 7 year old sky blue dragoness.
  • Has yet to reveal any information about herself.
  • Azure Is very easy to get along with and she can be happy with the smallest of things.
  • She isn't too fond of being called Sardine, but anything else is great for her.


  • Is always trying to be happy and spread her happiness.
  • A very cheerful dragoness who always sees the best of everything.
  • Is strongly against any kind of conflict, and doesn't understand why everyone can't be happy.
  • Azure loves making others happy.
  • She is very sweet and will do what she can to make others smile.
  • Nothing can really dampen her mood.
  • She sees many wonders in the world, and is willing to share them with everyone else.
  • Can be very naive, and she is innocently incapable of understanding why some dragons are the way they are.

"Why can't we all just try to be happy? Wouldn't that be so much better than just fighting and making ourselves unahappy?"

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