Azura is a female SeaWing and she is Tide the Seawing's OC from the fanfiction Beneath the Darkness. SHE IS MY CHARACTER AND MY CHARACTER ONLY. IF YOU COPY HER IN ANY WAY, THE ADMINS WILL KNOW.


Azura is a bright azure blue colored, 7 year old SeaWing. She has blue-green wings and sharp, white claws. Her stripes light up like all other SeaWings.


Azura is very bright and clever. She tries her best to stay above the situation and to control her feelings when necessary. She loves her parents very much. Azura is slightly quiet around strangers, but around people she knows, she's very much the opposite.


Azura is a skilled hunter and can speak Aquatic fluently. Like all SeaWings, she can breath underwater because she has gills.

A typical SeaWing. Art by Joy Ang.