Azalea is a female RainWing and is one of Tide the Seawing's OCs.


Azalea is a beautiful 7 year old RainWing. She usually likes to range in between red, orange, blue and purple for her scale color. Her claws are a silver color, and her wings are usually a translucent green, but it really depends on what color her scales are. She sometimes has a flower tucked behind her ruff, usually a lily or a camellia.


Azalea is somewhat vain, to be honest. She detests when her scales don't match the color of her wings. She enjoys arranging flowers in her spare time. She isn't lazy, though. She's high spirited and very... Springy. Azalea is the object of many dragons' affection, and it's now become a tiring cliche for her to receive azaleas from admirers. What she really likes, however, are camellias. Despite all of the people who like her, she refuses all of them.


Azalea can shift colors like all other RainWings. She can also spit corrosive venom, and is well trained at doing so. She has an eye for good color and art.

A typical RainWing. Art by Joy Ang.