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Description: wiry build; large feathery wings; bird-like; aerodynamic heads; tail darts

Abilities: shoot tail darts; fast and silent fliers

Location: between mountainous desert terrain and the rainforest

Queen (Canon Timeline): Queen Arch

Diet: insects


NOTE: AviWings CANNOT have hybrid dragons. As they are far too different from any of the others tribes to breed with them. Thus hybridization is impossible.

This is a public fanon tribe. Anyone can make a character without any permissions needed. This tribe is not owned by anyone.

AviWings have a more wiry build than the other dragon tribes. They have hollow bones and massive feathered wings. Their talons are narrow, but very sharp. Hundreds of tiny pointed feathers set in their tails, and their heads are sleek and aerodynamic, tapering into a fine point at their snouts. Their eyes are small and beady, and always black, contrasting the wide range of colors that their feathers can be. AviWings color schemes are unique to each AviWing, quite often resembling the birds of real life.
An AviWing's colors can be influenced by physical factors as well. Generally, male AviWings have more vibrant colors than female AviWings. Likewise, all AviWings' colors are brightest in the spring months and dullest in the winter months.

Aviwing New Reference

AviWings have sharp pointed feathers surrounding the end of their tails. The ends of these feathers are soaked in a natural venom stored in the tail and can be flicked off in an enemy's direction. Although the venom is not a very strong dose, it is enough to make the victim dizzy and disoriented, which is essential for an AviWing to win in a fight
AviWings have a pointed snout that is often composed of one or two very solid and sharpened scales, very much resembling a beak. A combination of this "beak" and their sharp nimble talons gives them some nice close combat skills, although their pecking and clawing is not very lethal.(unless the victim is dizzy and disoriented)
AviWings' massive wings and light frame make them very capable fliers. They are quick, agile, and can make sharp turns with ease.
AviWings have incredible eyesight, capable of seeing fine detail from the sky. This can often come in handy, but although their vision is fine, their eyes are small and their peripheral vision is lacking.
AviWings feathers are coated with a thin naturally-produced waterproofing chemical. This enables them to fly through minor storms and to capture fish.

AviWings' thin structure and hollow bones make them incredibly flimsy. In most fights, an AviWing is entirely dependant upon its tail spikes to even up the score.
AviWings' tail spikes take anywhere from two to five weeks to grow back, depending on the AviWing's molting cycle. If an AviWing uses up all of its tail spikes, it must wait, and there's an increased chance of infection or venom leaking.
AviWings' have a natural weakness to fire. Their feathers burn quickly and it inhibits their flight, making them easier targets once they've been blasted by flames.

Significant Members

AviWing Sancti2




Male Royalty:

AviWings reside in large nests built in the joints and crotches of large, sturdy trees. The nests are made of varying materials: branches, string, feathers, leaves, vines, bones, etc. They, for larger buildings, such as the palace, will build great structures reminiscent of scavenger's style. They are capable of building many structures, but nests are the most commonly used.
For traveling, or caravaning, they will have rolls of dried vines tied together in a sheet-like form. They will roll these up quickly for overnight stops.
They have a crude style that reflects natural beauty and is easily overlooked.

An AviWing's diet consists mostly of fruits and large bugs. Although the AviWings favor a diet of fruit, they adapt to their region and have been known to feast on large rodents and mammals.
They build their nests on ridges they dig into the sides of hills. They care for their young which are lovingly dubbed "chicks".
They have a wide range of calls they can make with their tongue and their throat which can symbolize many different things from mating calls, to establishing royalty, making fun of scavengers, and pure entertainment. Lately in AviWing history, they've been developing a crude language with their clicks and whistles, commonly dubbed "Song".
A scavenger den is located in the heart of AviWing territory, so the scavengers and AviWings have learned to live in peace... that is, staying out of each others' paths. The scavengers admire AviWings for their colors, and the younger AviWings take delight in showing off, and only occasionally snacking on a scavenger or two.

Education is valued over physical strength, but they are neck and neck. They have a few schools to teach chicks, but the parents usually act as teachers well enough.
The AviWings excel in sciences, especially biology.

Because AviWing Territory is located in a wasteland of Pyrrhia, between mountainous terrain, jungle terrain, and swampy terrain, AviWings have divided themselves into smaller provinces with insignificant boundaries. Each province is ruled by a princess, each held responsible for their actions by the Queen. (Note: there are four provinces. One bordering GeodeWings' mountain territory, one bordering the rainforest, one bordering the swamps, and one in the general area of the scavenger den. The Queen's palace is between the mountain and rainforest provinces)

Poem:by ForsakenFeather

Dragons who fly with feathered wings,
Who soar through the sky on long days of Spring.

Dragons who sing with the birds in the trees,
Voices with beauty that's so strong and clean.

Dragons with feathers that sway in the breeze,
Whose feathers are as soft as a touch of the breeze.

Dragons who fly so gracefully,
Who live and die so happily...

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