Aurora Frozenheart is my IceWing OC. I own her and her concept, so please do not copy her. Thank you.


Aurora's father, Frozengale, died in the war only a little while after her egg was laid. Her mother, Crystalbreeze, was then left with the task of protecting her egg. Unfortunately, all her attempts would be in vain.

Aurora was related to a long-dead IceWing queen... Queen Frozenheart, the source of Aurora's name. In short, Queen Frozenheart was an animus dragon who poured her soul into making a certain mask, which strengthened all of Queen Frozenheart's powers and made her invincible... At a price. It also drove her insane, shattering her soul and leading her to be overthrown and killed. Only her daughter, an outcast named Dewdrop, was alive.

Many tried to find the mask and tame its power. The mask, however, could only work on a descendant of Queen Frozenheart herself, making Aurora a prime target for a certain group of dragons: The Society of Order in the Darkest Hour.

Crimsonblaze, the leader, sent a dragon to steal her egg. She succeeded, unfortunately. Crimsonblaze, an expert spellcaster, cast spells upon her egg. She was given abilities normally impossible, like illusion-casting.

Aurora was raised by the NightWings comprising this group. By this, she was led into believing erroneous 'facts'. She thought that all dragons were NightWings, and she was just deformed. She had no idea other tribes existed.

During this period of time, they tried to make her into a fighter, but they failed miserably. She was just too shy and hated fighting. It was practically impossible to make her... But one day, it all changed. 

She was forced to put on the Mask... And it worked all too well. It turned her temporarily into the Frozen-Hearted Avenger, as Crimsonblaze dubbed it. The fragment of Queen Frozenheart's twisted soul, embedded within the mask, forced her to kill the dragons... And it permanently bound itself to her. She could take it off, but it stayed with her permanently. Nothing could destroy it... That fragment took residence within Aurora herself.

She ran away and met Tiderush, a SeaWing who was one of the minders for the New Prophesized Ones. He was wary of her, an IceWing in SandWing territory (even though it was the edge). He finally took her to meet the other dragonets: Stormburst, Gavin, Renee, Burningwind, Victoria, and Kilyris.

Queen Harena and the SandWings of the Underground found them all, and took them to the Underground SandWing kingdom.

What'll happen next? That is for me to know, and for you to find out.