Hey there, this is my first character. Hope you like it :)

Aurora's Life

Aurora is an Icewing who was born in the Icewing Palace. Her mother was Glacier( although she never told anyone). Aurora was taken away to die at the edge of a cliff. But the dragon who was ordered to kill her didn't want to so she ran away with Aurora. The dragon's name was Cyan. Cyan taught Aurora everything she needed to know. But the thing Aurora wanted to know was her mother and wanted to find her real mother was. But she was already dead and her other daughters were fighting. Aurora currently doesn't know that. Her best friend is Emerald.


Aurora is very kind and generous. She never steals. But she can also be sassy, cynical, and rude.


Aurora is light blue and very large. She can fly faster than other Icewings because her wings are big. She has really long claws.

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