Augusta is a female SkyWing and the older sister of Olympia.  She is strong, angry sometimes, and sometimes weak when someone talks to her weird.


When she was six and Olympia was five, her grandmother, aunt, and father were killed by some anonymous dragon. At the age of 8, Augusta took the job as a spy to find the one who murdered her family members. When she came to the sea, she was attacked by the killer. Augusta survived, but she has a scar over her eye, leg, underbelly and back. She also had a minor tail injury.


  • Augusta and Olympia look the same but their eye colors are not.
  • She loves making stories.
  • She will appear in a fanfiction as a background dragon.
  • She plays the Double Bass with Olympia who plays the Cello.
  • Olympia calls her "Changewing" because how she changes when someone talks to her weird.