First of all, Atacama belongs to me, GGarison.


Atacama is a petit, dusty-yellow dragonet with blue-gray eyes. She has a scar running from her right ear, down her right side, ending at her thigh, another scar on the side of her face, and a piece of her left ear missing. She has a piercing on her right ear. She has an unemotional expression on all the time, giving her a slightly menacing appearance.


Atacama is a gruff, and seemingly unemotional dragonet. Younger dragonets are frightened by her appearance. She despises adults, and will be rude to them. While with younger dragonets, she is kinda kind to them and will teach them how to live on the streets and fend for themselves. But now she is traveling around Pyrrhia.


She hatched a little ways from the Scorpion Den, a nice SandWing took her in, named her 'Atacama', and taught her basic things, but got killed during a scuffle with another dragon when she was two. She abandoned the house that her now deceased caretaker owned. A year later, she was taking shelter in alleyways, stealing food and other essentials. Until she heard about the Outclaws. She found her way there, and got to join. She was happy being apart of the Outclaws, until another year later, someone tried to assassinate one of the Outclaws, but the assaulter was then lying on the sandy earth, slowly dying, a sharp rock in their chest, and Atacama's eyes wider than the other dragons'. Atacama then fainted. She woke up to Thorn looking at her, the leader of the Outclaws told her that she might be an animus. Atacama was slightly confused, but went to go for a walk, but she ended up flying away from the Scorpion Den. She ended up in a cave in one of the mountains, where she found a NightWing named Stonemover. They chatted and Atacama told him that she was an animus, and he told her that everytime she uses her powers, she'll lose a piece of her soul. She then left, promising she would come back and visit him sometime. She somehow learned to put her animus powers into a piercing she got, so she wouldn't go insane. Two years later(right now), she is traveling, but will sometimes go help at Jade Mountain Academy.


  • 'Atacama' is a desert somewhere
  • She doesn't know her father is a NightWing
  • Or that she has a sibling
  • Shes an animus