Astro being bashful. Credit to HawkShadowofThunderC on Deviantart for base!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the WoF Fanon Wikidom, ASTROHEART IS A STORYTELLERMADNESSDRAGON OC.


Astroheart (or Astro as he's called) is a male NightWing. He was born in the secret NightWing kingdom (or is it secret, seeing how we all know about it?) to StoryTeller and MadnessDragon (lol). He grew up in a sheltered environment, never allowed to leave the isle. He doesn't know any bad words, or anything about the world much. He knows the tribes and their weaknesses.


He is jet-black. He has purple markings like constellations on his back, one forming a heart. Oh his left wing, the constellation Scorpio is imprinted, and on his left, Gemini.


Astro is a NightWing guard and assassin.


  • His theme song is "Satellite Heart" by Anya Marina.
  • Once he met Queen Battlewinner.

A typical NightWing. Art by Joy Ang.

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