A typical NightWing. Art by Joy Ang.

I am Astral the NightWing. I am a black NightWing, just like the others, but I have red, yellow, and blue wings. (See in photo)


My mother and father were wanted dead so they fled the NightWing territory. When I was born, Mother and Father taught me how to hunt, fight, and fly. One evening, I went out hunting for them while they took a nap. When I came back empty-handed, I saw blood on the cave floor. I looked up to see NightWing soldiers! They had killed my parents and I was ready to attack! I launched myself at the NightWings and slapped one in the face with my tail. I landed and snarled at them. I hadn't had my powers yet but no NightWings were ever able to read my mind for some odd reason. I blew fire at the two NightWing soldiers and roasted one! I looked around for the other one, but he was nowhere to be found. (So I thought) I felt something stab me in the back and I whirled around so fast that I slapped the soldier in the face again! The soldier reacted by stabbing his spear into my front right shoulder. Then the solider slammed me against the wall. I was about to give up when I felt a sudden warmth. I blew a spark at the NightWing and felt the moonlight shine over me. I had gained my powers! I read the soldier's mind and knew that he was going to blast me with fire! I felt something pulling me towards the back of the cave. I walked into the shadows and saw something shinning. I nudged the object and it shone brightly! I remembered that it had belonged to my father. I put it on and walked back to the NightWing soldier. I looked down at the pendant and it had a gold chain with a red, yellow, and blue stone. I closed my eyes and the pendent glowed gold! When I opened my eyes, I had armor on! I swung my tail, that had a spike end, and killed the NightWing soldier! I knew that there will be more NightWings coming so I took off into the night sky. I flew for miles and my shoulder started aching. I landed  and noticed that I had landed in the IceWing territory. Ever since then, I have been living with the IceWings.

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