Asp is a huge, old SandWing, a russet sandy color. he is muscled and strong, and has large wings. Not the thinnest of dragons, he has turned his fat into muscle. His eyes are deep black, and they are belied by the stunning green emeralds underneath them, punctured in between the scales. Asp wears a golden band around his horn, studded with Skyfire. He has diamond patterns on his wings, tattooed there long ago.


Asp is not very diplomatic, and has plenty of athletic ability. He is a war general, smart in war tactics and the best way to defeat the enemy. Asp also likes fighting, and reading scrolls. he is a talented painter, and makes war scenes on the queen's palace walls. 


Asp is very gruff and hard to please, but has a soft spot for new recruits, especially ones that show promise and understanding of the wars. He has seen a lot of gore, and is not fazed by any amount of blood. If you come to him with an injury, he will most likely give your boo boo a kiss and make you go away.