Author's notes

A story for the White Pencil project. Hope you like it.

1- Before the Night

The onyx colored dragon stood tall on the volcanic stone. It looked down with a look of absolute nothing on it's face. It's eyes were completely black. Everything was black on the dragon. No specks of differently coloured shades to be seen on the mythical beast. It was extremely tall and humble of itself, but it spoke no words. It made no movement until someone else did, precautious of the land ahead of it. Everyone told legends about it and it's "allies" disappearing at night, retreating back to hellhole. No spoke to it, and it was obvious no one wanted to.

But the beast was quite amazing. It could walk of lava without getting a third degree burn. It walk on water without falling and drowning. It could walk on the sky with no wing movement whatsoever. The creature was amazing, cautious, not one to run right into battle. The Night tribe named many of it's members after it. However, one thing cursed the "poor" creature at the same time.

It couldn't not fight at all. It would claw at others, but it would go right through the other black beast too. They were invincible but yet they couldn't defend themselves. As if the curse carried on for more, the dragons died when another one did too. The drakes were so wonderful but worthless (at melee combat) at the same time.

To be continued.

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