Artemis is a female NightWing and she is Tide the Seawing's OC from the fanfiction Beneath the Darkness. SHE IS MY CHARACTER AND MY CHARACTER ONLY. IF YOU COPY HER IN ANY WAY, THE ADMINS WILL KNOW.


Artemis is a deep purple 7 year old NightWing. She has starry translucent wings and sharp white claws. She is very unique; her scales turn a striking silver color when the moons are in the sky at night, making it hard for her to hide. She has deep green eyes.


Artemis is a cheerful (most of the time), energetic young dragon who's quite nice to be around. She has a good sense of humor and enjoys being with her family, friends, and not being chased down by rouge authorities. In some cases, she tends to swear. Quite a lot. (Isn't that right, Lightning?) Artemis is deathly loyal to Queen Star and would die for her if necessary. She has been called many things by Viper, including "Sparkle Scales", "Disco Ball", and "Moony" (To which Tide the Seawing lost her mind because of Harry Potter references).


Artemis is a skilled mind reader, sometimes besting the adult NightWings. She usually has her guard up in dangerous situations, but it occasionally falls away. She has never received a prophecy and is generally bad at divination. She is also good at keeping her mind defenses up, making it somewhat difficult for other NightWings she doesn't trust to read her thoughts. She can also eat quite a lot; Artemis, when motivated, can unhinge her jaw like a snake and eat quite a large piece of something, if not the whole thing.