Arroyo is a male SandWing character belonging to CrookedstarAmazing.


Arroyo is a pale, sandy color with tan underscales and black eyes. He is large, and has a bite mark on his tail and several small scars on his snout.


Like many Outclaws, Arroyo is fierce and tough. He pushes himself to the limit, and expects his dragonets, Loess and Courser, to do the same.


Shifting Winds

He is seen returning from a hunt with his son, Courser. He greets his wife, Nyala, and his daughter, Loess, then criticizes Courser's catch. He eats it with his family for dinner. In the morning, Loess awakens him when SandWing soldiers arrive. He fights, but they take him prisoner with Courser.


  • An arroyo is a small, steep-sided gulch, usually dry except for after heavy rains, often in deserts.

    An arroyo.