Only a shadow of one of the great AviWing Air Force members, Arrow has been overlooked since he was a dragonet. It's become normal for him to be ignored when his partner in flight is greeted with respect, but Arrow never gets used to it. Never. He has been the one keeping his partner alive all these years, and Arrow still "doesn't have a claim to fame" - according to Peregrine.

This is Bermuda's OC, and he is in the Pre-Canon universe.



Disciplined and loyal, just like every other soldier is expected to be. However, Arrow goes above and beyond to make sure that he is a model of military perfection, though he's often overlooked and Peregrine is seen as the role model.

Though he's a great soldier, jealousy has started to twist through his veins. He does not train two hours extra every day just to watch Peregrine get all the praise. Arrow doesn't study tactics of both the AviWings and their opponents just to have Peregrine improvise at the last moment. But that's how it is. And until Peregrine is out of the force, Arrow will never get his moment in the spotlight.

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