Some people call him a Loner.



Aries is a magenta-ish color, with black wing-claws and pink-purple claws. His wings and underscales are a light purple color, and she has red eyes. His horns are the color of her claws. He puts sharp metal on her claws, wing-claws, and horns for extra damage to his victims.


Aries has a stachel in which he keeps his weapons. He rarely uses them, and he usally used VENOM or gasblow.

Current assasinations to do:



Current PA's (Pack assasinations)



When Aries was hatched, she was the oldest of her pack. She was secretly practicing the art of crowtounges without the feather tounge tattoo. When Queen Jinx found out, he was banished from the TrickWings. When he was flying free and roaming, When he found the cave behind the Summer Palace, he found his stachel. It had no weapons in it, so he made his weapons. He snuck into the Summer Palace once, and wrote on a scroll that was published the day after that. He wrote: A new assasin for hire: the cave behind the Summer Palace. When the Palace was flooded, he moved to the rainforest. Before the flood, he was planning to move to the rainforest. He wrote on the next published scroll: Assasin moves to rainforest. Soon enough, he got even more assasin tasks because there are very few caves in the rainforest.