Ares is Blazefur99's OC. His name and character come from Greek Mythology.


Ares is a massive NightWing with midnight black scales. His eyes are black as well and blend in with his scales, making it look like he has none. His silver speckle scales on his wings start out at a sharp point and widen out slightly.

Ares is almost always wearing armor- usually an ebony-colored helmet and chestplate. He wears tight silver circlets around one leg, studded with rubies. He carries a sharp pronged spear.


Ares is always acting very fierce. He is a coward, but tries to hide it. He loves war, and always tries to get involved in it. He is not afraid to use his spear.

Ares will kill any dragon who he wants to. He is vicious and cruel, and many dragons are afraid of him, but no one likes him.

Being shunned by almost everyone makes Ares bitter and angry. This has led to him highly disliking being around other dragons- not that they want to be around him. So he usually stays in the shadows, his dark eyes gleaming.

Ares can easily snap and is easily offended. He's not very smart and is often reckless.


  • Ares's spear is animus-touched, so even if it only leaves a small scratch, the wound will continue to spread, growing deeper, wider, and more severe until the dragon is dead.
  • Ares's fire is very odd- it is red, and stronger than a normal NightWing's fire. It can burn through almost all types of metal.