A typical RainWing. Art by Joy Ang.

The furious five

Arden on the far right

Name:Ardens Stella [Means Burning Star in Latin], Tribe: RainWing, Age: 6, Gender: Male, Famliy: Mother: Dead, Father: Missing, Siblings: Frost Fire[Adopted]               

Description: His scale colour is usually a bright blue, but as a RainWing it changes colour. He has bright orange eyes. He has long, curved claws and a longer tail than normal RainWings. His fangs are small but growing.     

Abilities: He can fire poison in small spits, and he is an excellent climber. He is very apt at changing his scale colors in a matter of seconds. He can create illusions by spraying the poison into a mist and changing the color of it. He can change the color of his poison.

History: His mother killed by a SandWing, and his father missing, Ardens has had a tough life. He has been traveling through the rainforest and knows his way around very well. He has is own secret cave at the southern end of  the rainforest. He was wary and harmful to other dragons but it changed when he met Frost Fire (See Frost Fire page if you want) they both took care of each other and when Frost left, Ardens was helpful and kind. Ardens says he drank some kind of potion that gave him the illusion ability but he was actually experimented on by unknown dragons. Frost and Flint rescued him. That is why he is helpful to others.