Arafa is a massive EmpireWing who is a Lieutenant in the EmpireWing army. He is a Lieutenant in The Great Empire.He is Emperor Malice's enforcer, and takes great pleasure in torturing traitors and enemies.


Arafa is shown to be very heartless and cold, as he attempted to devour an abandoned IceWing dragonet before it was rescued. Arafa is unquestioningly loyal to Emperor Malice and puts his duty before his own desires.

Invasion of Pyrrhia

The EmpireWing Invasion of Pyrrhia would not have occurred had it not been for Arafa's brute strength. He shapeshifted into an IceWing and killed the IceWing king with one blow to the head. The IceWings retreated south and the EmpireWings were able to gain their first crucial foothold in the invasion. He later assisted the SeaWing rebels in their attempts to assassinate the SeaWing Princess at her coronation.