Apicem is 'peak' in latin


Apicem is a male Skywing. He was born on the last day of the great war. His parents were Talons of Peace. In fact, his brother was Flame, one of the alternate dragonets of prophecy. Apicem hated fighting, which was very unusual. He preferred to read scrolls or talk to his friends (or to himself, sometimes). When the war ended, the Talons of Peace disbanded (for a while), and they all went to the Scorpion Den, including Apicem.


Apicem is a red SkyWing. He has very large wings and yellow eyes. The inside of his wings are red orange.


Apicem is mostly serious. He loves to read, which makes him a nerd. He hates fighting so that also makes him a nerd. But his loyalty never ceases.


Apicem has the powers of any normal SkyWing.