Anubis is a 26 year-old DeathWing. He is a part of the DeathWing uprising. 


Anubis doesn't understand the neurological science of feelings and love. He is cruel and doesn't flinch at gory deaths, however, he'd rather finish targets off very quickly. Anubis doesn't feel sympathy for the dragons he kills and steals the treasure they have on talon. Anubis loves venomous animals because their deadly concoction of venom. Anubis collects skulls. The DeathWing is extremely smart.


Anubis has translucent off black scales, the bones inside are a seashell white. He has large and thin teeth and two large fangs in front. Anubis wears gold on his abdomen, neck and ankles. He wears a pure white skull mask, which he cleans everyday. Anubis has salmon red eyes with a salmon pink sclera. He wears armour that resembles a scorpion.


Anubis was trained to be malicious like the rest of his tribe members. He was trained everyday, but he was also an intelligent dragon in school.


Anubis is rather terrible at hand-to-hand combat, rather using weapons. He has the venomous claws and poisonous breath like the rest of his tribe.

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