Anhinga is a male MudWing and the brother of Heron and Gallinule. He is rather shy and reserved, but inside is bursting full of ideas for the MudWing Healer Alliance, if only he worked up the courage to speak them.


Anhinga has vitiligo, which results in in wings, cheeks, legs, and tail having white or peachy-tan spots on them. This resulted in him earning his name Anhinga (like the bird). His main scales are a deep, toned caramel colors. His underscales and topscales are dark, warm brown with reddish highlights. His eyes are golden-bronze and his backscales are dark red.

He often feels conscious about his white spots and so he tries to distract with jewelry and accessories. He often wears a wooden bracelet with white and pink pond lilies on it. He has his left wing membrane pierced and has a few alligator teeth pierced through (not on rings, straight through the membrane). You can often see him winding swampweed around his ankles, neck, tail, etc.


Anhinga is rather shy and reserved, and is afraid of speaking up in public. He wasn't exactly bullied or anything--he just worries people judge him and don't like him. However, when he loosens up with his siblings, he is easy to talk too, and often helps others deal with their problems by letting them vent/complain to him.  

Anhinga is also very creative and has a lot of ideas on how he could improve the MudWing doctor Alliance, or his brother Egret's dances, or anything, really. His fear of public speaking means he doesn't share these often, though.  

When confronted with loud, out there dragons (like his brother) he often shrink back even further and feels uncomfortable.