Anaconda is a 7 year old RainWing and a character in Wings of Death. (may be discountinued.)


Anaconda was hatched, destined to bring justice to Pyrrhia.

See Wings of Death.


Anaconda keeps her scales a aquamarine (head), a deeper aquamarine (stomach), and then a deep blue (Bottom). Her eyes are a piercing orange. Her talons are narrow and very sharp, they are also a deep gray, almost black. Her horns are slightly curved and are sharper than most horns, as she sharpens them on river rocks.


Anaconda is the least bit patient, accidentally snapping at dragons who are slow is regular. She hates stereotypes about RainWings but yet likes NightWings. Anaconda is dissapointed in her tribe, as they are very lazy, even after Glory started to rule.

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