Attention! This is Solar's OC and only Solar's. If you steal or plagiarize this character, you will be blocked!

Amethyst is a female GeodeWings with sharp purple crystals. She is one of Commander Firefly's OCs.


Amethyst is small for her tribe but has oversized crystals. She has piercing golden eyes, and purple to blue spines and claws. Her scales are extremely rough, almost to the point of imitating a rock. Instead of having a whole geode fixed to her tail, large pieces of quartz hang from it.


Amethyst is very quiet and respectable to her elders. She never rushes into a situation without fully pondering the outcomes. She is appalled by the war and refuses to fight. However, she is also paranoid about other tribes finding out their secrets. Though against what was said earlier, she is very active and adventurous around younger, smaller, or other tribe dragons. However, she will do anything to serve her tribe, even if it means that she will betray a friend.