Amethyst is a minor character in A Destiny Found, written by Congela-The-IceWing[1]. Amethyst is a female SkyWing and member of the Mountain Clan, a group of traveling dragons. She's Citrine's wife and the mother of Gust, Thermal, Umbalite, and Falcon.


Amethyst has an odd appearance, unlike having the orange, red, or even yellow scales of the SkyWings, her scales are vibrant violet. This is likely due to her close ties to RainWing blood. She has bright green eyes and sports the violet spiral face paint of her family and gold rings.


A Destiny Found

Amethyst and her husband, Citrine, greet Glow and Corona shortly after Glow reveals that she's the SkyWing of destiny. She prepares dinner and makes sure the two are fed, feeding them rainforest delicacies until Zinc invites them both to hear her tales.


She seems to be very doting and kindly, offering to feed her guests. She seems very cheerful and generous, happy to have guests over in her home, seeing how few they usually get, if any at all.

Family Tree



Amethyst is Citrine's wife, and as such, they have a very cooperative relationship, greeting guests at the same time and both showing them their hospitality.

Her family

Amethyst loves her family very much, caring for them and looking after them, even doting on them when she can. The dragons she considers family she treats with the utmost kindness and generosity.

Prince Vermilion

It took her a long while to fully trust Vermilion, considering that he's one of Scarlet's sons. But after she did, treated him like a member of the family.

Glow and Corona

Amethyst instantly welcomed the both of them, remarking that they don't typically get friendly guests, if any. She offered them food and made them feel welcome and treated them like new members of the family upon meeting them.