Ambarta is a 13 year old female DeathWing for an RP.


Ambarta loves to fight in battle. This is why she is so excited when the DeathWings finally decide to take over Pyrrhia. When she was a dragonet, Ambarta's parents told her that her name meant fate, or doom. So she wanted to wear the name with honor. She has a nasty habit of using her venomous claws on almost anything she wants to kill: prey, dragons, etc. She despises the Talons of Peace because of what they wanted: peace. Her goal through the Uprising is to find the leaders of the Talons and use her venomous claws all over them.


Ambarta has basic DeathWing abilities, but she uses her venomous claws more than anything.


Ambarta has a long black stripe down her spine and tail. The rest of her body is grey and transparent. Like all Deathwings, she has deep red eyes. She also wears a dragon skull around her head for protection.

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