Amaranth is a 7 year-old NightWing. He is only to be used by Shadow, his creator.  


Amaranth is asocial, a result from a missing right leg. He dislikes interaction with dragons, as he is scared they will bully him. As said, he was bullied at a young age and is very hostile and shy towards dragons. Amaranth has a minor case of depression and may seem a little crazy because he studies mental illness's.

He will not sugar-coat anything he says, although he is not close minded. Amaranth thinks that someone should at least have one dragon to help them through life. Even though Amaranth is asocial, he does not wish death on anyone, no matter what they've done. It is very rare, but he can warm up to dragons, but this only happens if Amaranth thinks they are truly good. He has very high expectations.


Amaranth always looks exhausted. His scales are a very, very deep eggplant, almost black. His horns are a pale grey and his talons are a slightly darker shade. Amaranth's eyes are a flat salmon pink, but his sclera is a unsettling darker shade of salmon pink. His right backleg is missing, a result from a RainWing and scavenger attack.