Alligator is a 6 year-old SeaWing.


Alligator grew up with his family being poor. His mother was executed for insulting a guard, and his father committed suicide after his wife's death. Alligator was raised by his rather rich aunt, who was very cruel to him. He developed a small asocial personality.


Alligator is strong-willed and will do anything for his friends. He is very loyal but is a coward, preferring to run away from something rather than fight. Alligator is teased for being inconfident and a coward, and is now slightly asocial. He gets annoyed or angry easily and can accidentally snap at someone.

He gets melancholy easily.


Alligator has light jade green scales. His eyes are a flat dark teal. Alligator's glowing scales are a cobalt blue. His underscales are a cornflower blue. Alligator's horns are a dark cobalt and his talons are a seaweed green. Alligator has cobalt blue fins and they slightly glow underwater.


  • He loves fish and seaweed.