A typical NightWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Info  (Will add more and more with progress)

  • He is a NightWing. 
  • Age of 3 in physical, but mentally, he is so much older, which is unknown.
  • He can fly very fast, but he has cannot do many aerial tricks.
  • He cannot actually read minds, but can do a different thing [Listed in abilities].


Alistar is a runt, shorter then a scavenger, and probably will not grow very large. All of his scales are a light purple that shimmers in the moonlight. His eyes are a deep jade color. He also has very large wings which enable him fast flying.


As a 3 year old Dragon, others would not expect him to show much emotion and such. Though actually he can be cold, and he will mostly have a calm stance. He dislikes failure on matters, preferring to win or achieve whatever his goal is. Though if you get to know him and stuff, He can be quite nice and fun.


Since again, he is young, his battle skills are almost zero. He does though, excel in fire breathing. He prefers to do it in short powerful spurts. His movement abilities on the ground are a fail, the best being able to run but he'll stumble a lot. His nightwing powers are fairly good. Instead of predicting the future, he can predict what can happen in a few moments. He. One thing about his mind reading is that he can make dragons go through phantom experiences, or just simple illusions. This also makes him tired. He usually spends about up to a quarter of a day sleeping,or nothing at all to regain is energy. He decides to call it Kotoamatsukami, or "Heavenly Manipulation."


He is based on 2 people. Shisui Uchiha from the Naruto Series, and Ciel Phantomgive from the Black Butler series. [His personality is more of Ciel, though he has some kindness if you dig deep.]

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