Airstrike is a female SwiftWing, who is the age of 6 in dragon years.


Outgoing, optimistic, and excited would be very good ways to describe Air. Air is very impatient, and thinks the world goes too slow for her. She goes to fast for her friends to catch up, and usually gets lost. She has a phobia of NightWings, needles, and the dark. She is very fast and is able to dodge easily, but is not powerful.


Airstrike's egg was kidnapped by a traitor NightWing, planning to raise it as his own. When she was hatched, the NightWing raised until she was 2, when Morrowseer found out she was illegally raised. Morrowseer killed the NightWing, and planned to send it back to the territory of the SwiftWings when she was old enough. When she was 5, she flew away, coming back home. The SwiftWings celebrated her return. So far, she's been in 20 adventures, and she has always wrote poems about them.


Airstrike has snowy white main scales. Her mane is wavy and it's color is ultramarine, and the stripe on her body is light blue. Her eyes are silver.


Airstrike can control water, she can control storms, making the rain heavier or lighter.

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