Aether Eye
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Background Information
Creator Articuna Dragon
Main Attribute Silence
Elemental Attribute Thunder
Theme Animal Dove
Theme Color Black and blue
Theme Song none
MBTI Personality INFJ-A
Character Information
Age 6 human years
Gender female
Orientation straight
Occupation Scholar, princess
Tribe Tempestwing
Goal To be trusted
Residence Tempestwing palace
Relatives THe royal tempestwing family
Allies Herself
Enemies Enemies of the tempestwings
Likes Her mother, staying unnoticed, the rebellion
Dislikes THreats
Powers and abilities Strongly glowing scales, can somewhat discern others emotions
Weapons Not trained in fighting
Ships None
Quote "I hope you can be proud of me"


Aether eye has dark indigo scales that contrast against her transitional scales, a blue so pale and bright it seems almost reflective. She has icy blue eyes and her wing stripes are nearly the same color. Her straight horns are a dark cerulaen, and they have metal clips in the shape of spirals tightly fitted around them. She has a lighter indigo underside. She has a delicate, innocent face and her body is very lightweight. She looks a lot like her sister, Lightningstreak.

She is clearly built for speed, even if she doesn't train for battle yet. Aether Eye does not have much muscle mass, but is decently armed. She is usually seen either with her mother, or her eldest sister. She has long legs and a tail that bears delicate treasures of black metal and white diamond. 


Aether is usually very calm and almost never talks. She clearly looks up to both her mother and Lightningstreak, and enjoys jewellery. Often Aether Eye just sits down in a corner when she is left in the nursery, and if she gets the chance she will gladly listen to an old dragon's story. When Aether talks to others, she does so very respectfully, as her brothers have made her earn her place. As the youngest, she is treated as if she was dumb, and this has caused her to be very belligerent, if only on the inside.

Aether aspires to be a historian, but her mother plans for her future as a medic on the battlefield. Aether wishes for peace among the tribes, and can often comfort others effectively. Her motto is: it's ok.

Aether Eye is often there at important transactions and events, but the princess is considered "just another one." It is in this way that she knows a lot about other tribes, and she finds them facinating. She also enjoys family history, and has started a family tree. Some dragons think the young princess is mute, but some think the dragon sings in the forest. Only those who listen carefully can hear a dragonet singing songs without words. 


Aether can tell a lot about other dragons, because of how closely she watches them.  She also does this with family members to see the similarities. Aether has brightly glowing stripes, and can charge as normal. Her storm sense is poor, and she has a slight hearing impairment, which is why it took her a long time to learn how to talk, but aether is very fast. 

Aether isn't trained in flying, even though other dragons would have learned by her age, but she is so enamored in her own thoughts that it never occurred to her to learn. She also isn't trained in fighting, preferring to read scrolls instead. She is good at remembering things, and gauging colors, as well as having a keen ability to manipulate small things. She is precise, but a perfectionist who doesn't stop until it is correct. She can fit into small spaces, and can duck and weave around bigger dragons.


Aether was born on a night when a storm was out.  Safe in the royal nests, the guards waited for the queen to see her new daughter. A huge thunderclap sounded, frightening her. She ran back to her nest, away from the guards. 

When her mother first saw her, she was still in the nest. Aether looked at her as she came in, and recognised the formidable dragon as her mother, worthy of respect. Truthfully, she was probably just frightened.

Many dragons who came in to see her were reminded of the eldest. How fitting that the eldest and the youngest looked nearly the same. Aether was expected to live up to her, for no reason other than her scales.

Still, Aether was sent to follow Lightningstreak, just as she was suppose to follow her mother. Eventually, she earned her sister's pity, and the dragoness was slightly more freindly.

Aether learned to read and write very quickly, and Often spent time doing just that. Listening to elders' stories, she tried to memorize them and write them down. She heard a lot about old family members, and became interested in her own family history. She gathered names and facts to fill in a family tree.

Aether was never taught to fly, instead taught to imitate her siblings, and learned their lives well. She tries to spend time with the prickly dragons, and works hard to enjoy everyone's company.

Even the most suspicious dragons.


the Public: Many Dragons see the young princess as obidient, silent, and Overall not worthy of notice. The public treats her like they are a fandom. Most don't care, but some are fandragons dieing every time they see her.

Queen Nightshade- Aether Eye absolutely adores her mother and would stop at nothing to make her happy, but now that lightningstreak talks with her sometimes, she is starting to see the truth about their mother.

King Fireblade- Aether Eye has an ambivalent relationship with her father

Geomagnetic - Aether adores her uncle, and that's all she has to say about him.

windy springs - Aether has only seen her aunt once, when she first hatched, and only remembers her as a pretty dragon.

Ocean Storm- Aether loves her oldest uncle, and enjoys talking with him as well as playing with the small toys he gives her sometimes.

Dawnbreeze-  Aether doesn't really know her that well.

Ash song- Aether has an ambivalent relationship with her

Turmoil- Aether loves this brother (aaa too many) and acts very mature around him.

Pythonhunter-  Aether Understands a  lot about her brother, and hopes that he will respond to her effort.

Lightningstreak- aether practically worships her eldest sister, and strives to be just like her, and aether is considering joining the rebellion.

forest Song- Aether Eye enjoys being noticed by the older princess, and she enjoys doing stuff with her. 

Duskfighter- Aether privately admires Dusk a lot, and hopes she becomes the best council member ever.

shade fall- doesn't interact with him a lot, but she has a slightly negative relationship with him.

Night Ember- Aether Eye is starting to understand night ember, but still thinks he is slightly cruel.

Fernwind-  loves playing with him and firefly, but she thinks he is too nervous.

Firefly- enjoys his company less than the rest of her siblings, but they still maintain a good relationship.

Emberspark- doesn't really like this sibling because she treats Aether as a naive babu.

Lightpledge- Aether Eye knows that something weird is going on with her, and seeks to find out what it is.