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Aether the Swiftwing

Aether is a SwiftWing dragonet and is part of the prophecy in RimetheIcewing's upcoming fanfiction, WoF: The Fallen Kingdom. Her style of telekinesis is aerokinesis, and her powers continue to grow more stronger and controlled as she grows up.

This dragon has been adopted by WindWolf19.


She is white in her main body, with a dull blue mane and a night blue stripe that is completely normal, as she isn't Lightningborn. She often has a ruffled mane and her eye glow is a brilliant sapphire blue.
Aether Roars

Aether in Spore


Aether is usually very calm but has an inner fury that's rarely unleashed. She is quite smart and tends to stay out of stressful situations. However, due to her hatred of fighting with her friends, she will do anything to keep the calm, often leading her into deadly situations. She is fond of fish, fruit, sleeping, fast flying and meditating. She dislikes loud noises, chickens and her friends fights. She has no problems fighting dragons she doesn't know, but she does feel a bit guilty afterwords. She often gets into arguments with one of the caretakers Phobos due to Aether refusing to eat chickens because she feels sorry for them.