Aello <3

Background information
Creator Searing
Main Attribute Lightning
Elemental Attribute Plasma
Theme Color Orange green and purple
Theme Animal Manta ray
Theme Song Replay
MBTI Personality Chillax
Character information
Age 18
Gender Female
Occupation Student at FAE Academy
Tribe SeaWings??
Goal Undecided
Residence FAE Acadedmy
Relatives Leviathan and Scylla (cousins)
Allies Searing Deathangel Brightsting and Clara Stella
Enemies Heaven
Likes Rules, Heaven
Dislikes Driftwood
Powers and abilities Enchantment
Weapons Her enchantment.


 "Oh, I know exactly what you're thinking," whimpers a scared orange dragon, ringing her claws together. "Misfit, hybrid, monster, terrifying, disgrace, disgusting."


 Aello is a very fascinating in terms of appearance. Orange scales, and for a SeaWing. Blue violet, purple and green markings.

 "Oh dear!" yelps Aello. "Don't tell anybody! I don't want their stuck up snouts judging me!"

 "I did say Fascinating," Searing pointed out. "And you don't mind that the squad and I judge you?"

 "Y'all are squad goals."


At first when you meet her, Aello is a jumpy and nervous. She is very skittish. That is until you get to know her. Once this SeaWing is comfortable around you, SHE IS ALL OVER YOU. SERIOUSLY.