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This is adoption center, where you may post OCs and fanfics you wish to put up for adoption.

If you see an adoption you want and are willing to pay the price for it, contact the owner here or on their message wall, stating what you'd like to adopt.


Info about things I plan on/am changing with the adoption centre.

  • Important notice to all peeps who have a character on here. At the end of the month I will be removing all prices from the adoption centre. If you do not agree with this, you may remove your character. However, people still have to ask adopt the character on the owner's wall. Thank you.


  • Have the prices be things that users can give from on the wiki. Anything off site will be removed.
  • Link your username when putting up adoption. Makes finding you a lot easier.
  • Make sure there is a decent amount of information on the pages you are putting up for adoption. This applies more so for things with prices.
  • Don't edit other user's submissions unless it is for corrections or removing of an adopted OC/fanfic
  • Don't spam your submission on chat, message walls or threads. Not only is it breaking this rule but also the no spamming wiki rule.
  • To adopt something, contact the creator on their message wall. Taking the page without doing so may lead to you getting in trouble.

For OCs:

{OC name with link to page}

Tribe(s), gender, age

  • Basic info (Appearance, personality, history, ect)
  • Link to the owner's profile page

For Fanfictions:

Title of Story (with link to page):

  • Genre(s) of Story:
  • Canon or Fanon?:

Synopsis (give a summary of what you've come up with):

Link to the creator of the story (Link your username)

Other Details you wish to add:

OCs for sale

Post your OCs bellow!


Tribe: MudWing RainWing

Gender: Female

Age: Your choice

Appearance: Dark brown, light green belly, dark green stripes as back scales, wears ferns

Personality: Loud mouthed, bossy, hard working, and very loyal to her friends

History: Parents were both trying to help the MudWings expand their territory into the rainforest and chop down trees, but she turned against them and works for an orginization protecting the Rainforest

PRICE: Long critique of Typha, preferably multiple paragraphs.

Owner: Nibby

Regicide the RainWing/NightWing

  • - Lives near the edge of the Rainforest
  • - male
  • - trains and fights a lot
  • - red and black
  • - Owner of OC: Icyxwolf
  • PRICE: art of Whirlwind

Multi the SwiftWing

  • -Lives in an old city, likes to travel
  • -male
  • -has multi-personality disorder
  • -White and blue
  • - Owner Zod OC: CopperWingz
  • PRICE: coded page for Silversky, of the blue night sky with stars.

Princess Limpet the Sea/Sand





  • SeaWing
  • Male
  • Has been turned into a sperm whale
  • 24 DY
  • Owner: Dewdrop

Morning Dew

  • Seawing Rainwing Hybrid
  • Fully developed
  • Has no hind legs
  • Sarcasm
  • Price: Art for Actinolite and removing the other oc's relationships thing below the actual characters, this includes Sweettooth
  • contact: [1]






Flower & Petal


Fanfics for sale

Descendants/Wings of Fire Crossover

  • Owner: Cumulus Cloud
  • Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
  • Fanon
  • Original Synopsis: Fritillary the SilkWing, Tetra the Rain/Sea Hybrid, and Kangaroo the ANimus SandWing are all 3 dragons who want to get off the continent of Pyrrhia. But since Pantala is full of HiveWings they have a better idea: Get off the planet. In order to do so, they need the help of some magical scavengers who live in the land of Auradon. The 3 Dragons and the 4 VKs make it to the planet of Propylea with strange dragons (the Fanon Wiki Tribes) who are warring with each other

Other Details: I know this plot is half developed but still. I'd prefer whoever buys this replace my OCs with their own, but I'm also curious to see how this goes. Please message me for more info and to discuss main characters. This story was intended to be a graphic novel, so I'd prefer it to stay that way!