This was created and managed by Outclaw. If you have any questions ask him/me.

Adoption center logo thing

Created by Honeysuckle

This is the OC shop/store where you may purchase OCs for different prices set by their owners. It is also connected to the Monthly OC Adopt. 

If you see an OC you want and are willing to pay the price for it, contact the owner here or on their message wall, stating the OC you'd like to acquire. Note: Please have the prices be things that users can give from on the wiki. Avoid prices for things on other sites.

If you want to put up an OC for sale, please try to follow this format:

(OC name with link to page)

Tribe(s), gender, age

  • Basic info
  • Price for the OC
  • Link to the owner's profile page

Courtesy rules.

These are rules that don't need to be followed in every situation, but good to keep in mind.

1: When updating an acquired OC try to keep in mind what the original owner wanted for them. If they were meant to be kind hearted and loving SeaWing, avoid fully changing their personality and tribe, such as 'a mean and hateful NightWing'. Try to work off of what is already there.

2: Don't edit another user's submission, unless it is for grammar/spelling, in which case try to state that in the editing summary. The managers are allowed to edit submissions to make them grammatically correct or fit within the constraints of the format.

3: Try not to spam people with your for sale OC. It's fine to link it every now and then but all the time isn't the best.

Finally, don't edit everything above. As it's supposed to help anyone who wants to use the page. This is a community project. Everyone and anyone can add OCs to the page at anytime. When you do, try to state you did so anyone who sees the edit might check it out.

As a side note, this page can now be found in the Help tab of the top wiki Navigation.

OCs for sale

All of the OCs in this blog

  • Various tribes
  • All female
  • Younger dragons
  • Price: Art of the character + another character, all levels of talent accepted.
  • Will recode page for you and do another page for you
  • Owner of OC: Bone


  • Rainwing
  • Female
  • 10 years old(you may change age)
  • price:Coded page for Jayrenn Loike-Silver Nightwing scales background with gold text and a ice blue border


  • Ice/MudWing
  • Female
  • 8 years old
  • Price:Watch Miraculous Ladybug amazing series
  • If you want adopt her contact User:AmoreHeart



  • RainWing, Male
  • -Is a Lieutenant of the Cosarin Clan.
  • -Is a Vampire
  • -Cold and manipulative, but a pacifist to those who pose no threat.
  • Would like one fan art, but would like umunatoto see the art style before hand.
  • Owner of OC: Userbillchipher

Regicide the RainWing/NightWing

  • - Lives near the edge of the Rainforest
  • - male
  • - trains and fights a lot
  • - red and black
  • - Owner of OC: Icyxwolf
  • PRICE: art of Whirlwind

Multi the SwiftWing

  • -Lives in an old city, likes to travel
  • -male
  • -has multi-personality disorder
  • -White and blue
  • - Owner Zod OC: CopperWingz
  • PRICE: coded page for Silversky, of the blue night sky with stars.

Yume & Yuka the Vampire RainWing twins

  • -Vampires
  • -female twins
  • -always shades of blood, black, or purple
  • -good at covering stuff up
  • PRICE: Coded page for Sakaku, sunset red with grey streaks (with white text) vertical or horizontal adopted

Rivulet the SeaWing

  • - female SeaWing; age is up to you
  • - rags to riches
  • - blue palette + jewelry
  • - haughty and arrogant
  • - rest you could do fam :>
  • - just don't steal the coding or change her up too much
  • Price: art for Horitsu
  • If you would like to have this OC, please contact me.

Finch the LeafWing

  • - Male LeafWing
  • - Shy and generally nice, old OC so please edit as much as possible.
  • - Price: fan art for this one
  • - Contact me if interested

Desertstone the Sandwing/Mudwing

  • - Male Sandwing/Mudwing Hybrid
  • - Is immortal and hates the world
  • - His appearance is based off an oryx
  • - Price: Just keep his oryx appearance
  • - Tell me if you adopt him

Princess Limpet the Sea/Sand


  • Ice/Sea, male, dragonet
  • Skittish and uneasy
  • Comes with very old art and Flight Rising scry, one of my first OCs.
  • Price: I'd like some help with coding for some pages, but if you really want him you can get him for free!
  • Owner: Crowning


  • Female Hydrokinetic SwiftWing, age is up to you
  • Optimist
  • No art yet, please keep looks
  • History is wip cream
  • Price: Coded page for Gao Yun, orange with red pattern (pattern is up to whoever codes it :3)
  • Owner: ThatToast

Greed (Rain/Sky)

  • Male
  • Age is up to you
  • See page for info
  • Price: Headshot of Labyrinth
  • Owner: Nightslayer
  • Contact her if you have questions

Twilight Zone the SeaWing-IceWing

  • Dragonet, lives with his mom in the Sea kingdom, cool.
  • Hotheaded personality, but with the right girl, he's sweet and protective.
  • Cool hybrid.
  • Price: idk whatever Norahchi wants. Ask her.
  • Owner: NorahChi


  • apathetic dude
  • probably hugest jerk underneath his apathetic personality
  • SkyWing (some MudWing)
  • try to keep some things the same!! like him being apathetic and kinda a jerk
  • Price: Headshot of Forest Rain
  • Owner: Day

Flower & Petal


  • RainWing
  • 6 Dragon years
  • price is free i have given up on him
  • Owner RM


  • RainWing/LeafWing
  • 5 Dragon years
  • free
  • Owner: RM






  • SwiftWing
  • Female
  • Adult
  • Page for info
  • Price: Coded page for Panthera, sunset colors
  • Owner: SoulTheFeline


  • Sea/Ice/Rain
  • Female
  • 4 years old
  • Look at page for info
  • Price: Art for Evening
  • Go to Nightslayer for questions

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