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This is adoption center, where you may post OCs and fanfics you wish to put up for adoption.

If you see an adoption you want contact the owner here or on their message wall, stating what you'd like to adopt.


Info about things I plan on/am changing with the adoption centre.


  • Link your username when putting up adoption. Makes finding you a lot easier.
  • Make sure there is a decent amount of information on the pages you are putting up for adoption. This applies more so for things with prices.
  • Don't edit other user's submissions unless it is for corrections or removing of an adopted OC/fanfic
  • Don't spam your submission on chat, message walls or threads. Not only is it breaking this rule but also the no spamming wiki rule.
  • To adopt something, contact the creator on their message wall. Taking the page without doing so may lead to you getting in trouble.

For OCs:

{OC name with link to page}

Tribe(s), gender, age

  • Basic info (Appearance, personality, history, ect)
  • Link to the owner's profile page

For Fanfictions:

  • Title of Story (with link to page):
  • Genre(s) of Story:
  • Canon or Fanon?:

Synopsis (give a summary of what you've come up with):

Link to the creator of the story (Link your username)

Other Details you wish to add:

OCs for Sale


  • male
  • hive/leaf
  • paralyzing nerve toxin
  • scars, broken leg
  • page and ref are finished
  • contact User:SkyFireStone if you would like to adopt him.


  • Male Night/Rain
  • Fruit gatherer
  • Has art but colors are unusual
  • WIP
  • Contact Great if you want to adopt


  • Male
  • SkyWing
  • Poet
  • Loves sunsets, cats, & chocolate
  • Can change anything else except for the things listed above
  • Contact me if you want to adopt him


  • Female
  • Daughter of Sunny and Starflight (Sand/Night)
  • Prophet; can see future
  • Profile pic already made, just please make a page for her
  • Adopted by Oceanshell


  • Icewing
  • Female
  • 6
  • Has been previously adopted
  • Is an explor for the Icewing Queen
  • Has art and coding
  • Contact User:JellybeanDragon67 if you want to adopt!


  • AviWing
  • Female
  • Has a raven named Nevermore on perched constantly on her shoulder
  • She was a concept I gave up on, but hopefully someone else can develop it further
  • Has code, ref and major stuff like appearance and personality
  • Contact me! if you want to adopt :3

Fanfics for Sale