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Created by Honeysuckle

This is adoption centre, where you may post OCs and fanfics you wish to put up for adoption.

If you see an adoption you want and are willing to pay the price for it, contact the owner here or on their message wall, stating what you'd like to adopt.

  • Note: Please have the prices be things that users can give from on the wiki. Avoid prices for things on other sites.
  • Note: Please link your username when putting up adoption. Makes finding you a lot easier.
  • Note: Please make sure there is a decent amount of information on the pages you are putting up for adoption. If it is nearly blank, there is little reason to adopt it.

If you want to put up an adoption, please try to follow the following formats.

For OCs:

{OC name with link to page}

Tribe(s), gender, age

  • Basic info
  • Price for the OC (You don't have to put a price)
  • Link to the owner's profile page

For Fanfictions:

Title of Story (with link to page):

  • Genre(s) of Story:
  • Canon or Fanon?:

Synopsis (give a summary of what you've come up with):

Link to the creator of the story (Link your username)

Price of the story (You don't have to put a price)

Other Details you wish to add:

Courtesy rules.

These are rules that don't need to be followed in every situation, but good to keep in mind.

1: When updating what you adopted try to keep in mind what the original owner had in mind. Don't create something totally different, as it defeats the purpose of adopting in the first place. Work off of what is already there.

2: Don't edit another user's submission, unless it is for grammar/spelling, in which case try to state that in the editing summary. The managers are allowed to edit submissions to make them grammatically correct or fit within the constraints of the format.

3: Try not to spam other users with your adoption. It can be rather annoying, and breaks the no spamming rule on the wiki

Finally, don't edit everything above. As it's supposed to help anyone who wants to use the page. This is a community project. Everyone and anyone can in an adopt to the page at anytime.

As a side note, this page can now be found in the Help tab of the top wiki Navigation under help.

OCs for sale

Regicide the RainWing/NightWing

  • - Lives near the edge of the Rainforest
  • - male
  • - trains and fights a lot
  • - red and black
  • - Owner of OC: Icyxwolf
  • PRICE: art of Whirlwind

Multi the SwiftWing

  • -Lives in an old city, likes to travel
  • -male
  • -has multi-personality disorder
  • -White and blue
  • - Owner Zod OC: CopperWingz
  • PRICE: coded page for Silversky, of the blue night sky with stars.

Princess Limpet the Sea/Sand


  • Sea/Night, Female
  • -Extremely optimistic
  • -Cannot breathe underwater
  • -Everyone is her friend, in her mind and it's very hard to faze her
  • - Comes with simple coding and art
  • Price: Art of Chari
  • Creator of OC: Simmer



  • Rain/Ice/Sky hybrid
  • Usually happy
  • Only appears in tones of yellow, but can turn invisible
  • SandWing father
  • Price: Art of Prince Krill((Please show other examples of your work before I approve))
  • Please contact Feather the EveryWingif interested




Queen Wolverine

  • IceWing
  • Kind
  • Isn't trusted to be queen
  • Can change everything
  • Price: Fix her page!!!
  • Current Owner: Greatwhinter707

Fanfics for sale

Worlds Collide

  • Genre(s) of Story: Humor, Adventure, Crossover
  • Canon or Fanon?: Semi-Canon

Synopsis: After Darkstalker is defeated, the dragonets of destiny are cleaning up the school when they find a strange rhyme in one of Starflight's scrolls. The next day, they find themselves switched with some certain warriors (Graystripe, Cinderpelt, Tallstar, Mistyfoot, and Tawnypelt) around the time when Firestar was gone searching for SkyClan.

Creator of Story: JadeSky2468

Price of the story: Being excited about and willing to work on the story

Other Details you wish to add: I would like to message the adoptee with some details about the story I'd like them to put in.


  • Story Creator: Official Cumulus Cloud
  • Genre: Fantasy, Short Story
  • Canon or Fanon: Canon
  • Synopsis: 2 Short Story ideas from when Tui said she wanted to write more about Auklet the SeaWIng and Lynx the IceWing. More is about how Auklet wants to show everyone she is special (besides being the last daughter of Queen Coral.) Secrets shows the journal entries in Lynx's Diary full of her backstory, her secrets, her murders, and such.
  • Story Price: Finish one or both of them.

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