Mudwing (1)

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Adamant is King of the MudWings. He is the proud and fierce general of the entire MudWing army. If there is something that he wants done, he will make sure to see it done.

General Information

  • Adamant puts serving his queen and tribe above all else.
  • A special suit of full body armor has been made for him out of very strong metal. It is basically indestructible by normal methods. He rarely uses it because he feels that it is not an honorable way to win a war, though if he wants something done quickly, he wont hesitate to put it on, though it may take months to repair any of the minor burns or scratches on it.
  • MudWings expect the children of the King and Queen to become great leaders, warriors, and protectors of their sibs. Only royal female BigWings have a chance of becoming MudWing queen, that is if they survive enough battle and war by the time they reach maturity (they must also be able to protect most of their sibs by this time to show their leadership and protectiveness). Since he currently has no eligible BigWing daughters, Adamant is desperate to see that his Queen's next eggs has everything perfect.


  • Very tough and strict personality.
  • Adamant is an excellent warrior and tactician, this has been proven by the fact that he rarely ever losses in battle or war.
  • Adamant is willing to do just about anything to get what he wants, even if it means killing anything in his way.
  • Adamant likes to feel in control and dislikes being used.
  • Loves the thrill of combat.


  • Adamant recently helped the SkyWing kingdom in exchange for the purest and healthiest cows that the SkyWing Kingdom had to offer. Despite usually keeping thing "just business," Ruby had tricked him into making it personal. Adamant resents the queen for this.