Adair is the property of Rainstorm239. If you'd like to use her, ask on my message wall.

Fanfic: Claws of Fire


Adair is an IceWing dragonet. She has pale blue scales, and her serrated claws are slightly pink because she is an animus dragon. Adair uses her frostbreath often, but she dislikes using her spiky tail. Adair is an Outpost Manager of The Claws of Fire.


Adair loves reading and scrolls. She doesn't like how her father is so protective of her because she wants to be free and explore Pyrrhia. Adair, like Darkstalker, enchanted an item to hold her animus powers. Adair is intelligent and uses scrolls to help her figure things out.


>if anyone would like to help me develop her personality drop a message on my wall<

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