NOTE: This is an original comedy fanfic by Malice the NightWing. If you want to see your OCs or a certain character in it please tell me! The only OC in here I made up was Malice so copyrights to the makers of all the others. I might list them later...

Characters I've used so far:

  • Darth Vader
  • Blaze
  • Firestar
  • Zuko
  • Spock
  • Darkstalker
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Donatello
  • Percy Jackson
  • Jean-Luc Picard
  • Lillian (OC)

Characters I have yet to use: (feel free to give suggestions!)

  • Indiana Jones
  • Harry Potter
  • Neo
  • Ethan Hunt
  • Tony Stark
  • Bruce Wayne
  • The Doctor
  • Jason Bourne
  • Wolfstrike (OC)
  • Po
  • Toothless
  • Shrek
  • Artemis Fowl
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • Aslan
  • The Minions


  • Alex
  • Darth Vader
  • Security

Episode One

Malice: Hello and welcome to the pilot episode of Ad Libs! I am your host, Malice, and here are our special featured guests- Blaze the SandWing, Firestar of ThunderClan, and Darth Vader! Let's give 'em a hand!

TV Audience: *claps and cheers*

Blaze: *blows kisses* I'm so honored to be here tonight on Ad Libs! Malice probably let me on her show because I am the most GLAMOROUS, STYLISH, and POSH SandWing ever to walk in Pyrrhia! Thanks to all my ADORING FANS!!! *dabs and sits down*

Firestar: So what do we do anyway?

Darth Vader: Come to the Dark Side, Blaze. We have cookies.

Blaze: Bleh.

Darth Vader: Oh. Well... We also have jewels and glittery tiaras!

Blaze: YAY! Here's my number!

Malice: Alright, we'll start with a Toss-Up!


Malice: Shut up this is Ad Libs.

TV Audience: AD! LIBS!

Malice: *rolls eyes* Okay then. *conjures a whiteboard from nowhere and draws a Hangman game on it with an Expo marker* First one to guess the word gets to wash the car!

TV Audience: OOOOOOOH!

Blaze: "Z"

Malice: No.

Darth Vader: "Q"

Malice: No.

Firestar: "E"

Malice: Yes!!!! Firestar wins! The answer is "E"! Now here is the car you have to wash.

Firestar: *walks up to car* What?! What kind of game show is this?! You're supposed to give me money!

Malice: Well sure, whatever you want. *throws a shower of Monopoly money at Firestar and starts to sing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song*

Everyone Else: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE IT STOOOOOOPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Malice: Okay then. *starts singing the opera theme song to Star Trek The Original Series* aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAooooooooooooooAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOuuuuuuuuuuuuuuAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Everyone Else: *covers their ears and screams* DWEOIFNWEOIFHENOIFHOEHURGHO

Malice: Okay! Okay! You don't have to be RUDE! Anyway, here is the next part of our game show. It's called Minute to Eat It and the rules are simple: Be the first to finish an entire cake and you win! Extra bonus points if you start a fight! *places gigantic cakes in front of Blaze, Firestar, and Darth Vader* Good luck!

Firestar: *starts to delicately lick the frosting* Mmmmmmm

Blaze: HAHAHAHA! *devours it in 3.4582 seconds*

Darth Vader: Noooooooo!

Blaze: Admit it, Anakin, I won!


Blaze: Okaaaaay, Anakin...

Darth Vader: AAAAUUUUGGGGHHH! *draws lightsaber and they start to fight*

Malice: Okay! Okay! *telekinetically pushes them aside* Bonus points for Blaze since she started it. And that's the game! Good evening folks! Too bad Vader can't win anything!

Darth Vader: I find your lack of faith... Disturbing. *force chokes Malice*

Malice: *choking* Stay tuned for Episode Two!

Episode Two

Malice: Hello and welcome to the second episode of Ad Libs! I am your host, Malice, and here are our special featured guests- Princess Tsunami of the SeaWings, Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation, and Spock! Let's give 'em a hand!

TV Audience: *cheers and claps*

Malice: Today, we're going to start with a quick round of Duck, Duck, Goose! Please gather in a circle, contestants!

Tsunami, Zuko, and Spock: *sits down, giving each other puzzled looks*


Tsunami: Uh, Malice, I thought we were playing Duck Duck Goose.

Malice: OH! Good call. Goodness, I'm forgetful. *starts to count again* YOU SHOULD BE HIDING!!!

Tsunami, Zuko, and Spock: *run around searching for hiding places on the stage, but there is none. Zuko suddenly stands directly behind Malice and motions for the others to do the same. They line up behind Malice.*

Malice: ONE HUNDRED MILLION AND FOUR! READY OR NOT, PREPARE TO DIE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *opens eyes and looks around her, stalks around the stage. The contestants follow her silently.* Three moons, where did they go?! CHEATERS!!! Everyone is disqualified.

Zuko: Malice, we're right here.

Malice: AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Oh you startled me. Alright then, we'll do something else. JEAPORDY!!!

Tsunami: I thought it only had one exclamation point.

Malice: Whatever! Ok, I'm thinking of a thing. Everyone gets 20 questions to find out what I'm thinking of.

Spock: What are you thinking of?

Malice: Foiled again by the sinister forces of annoying logic! I was thinking of a unicorn on Mars eating a Costco apple pie and singing "Shiny Happy People" by REM!

Tsunami: Because that's easy to guess...

Zuko: This is a stupid show! I'm leaving!

Malice: SECURITY! *evil anime pineapples the size of dragons run in and handcuff Zuko*

Zuko: LET ME GO!!!

Malice: Well, you were the one who wanted to leave.

Zuko: Ok! Ok! I'll stay!

Malice: Good puppy. *snaps and Zuko turns into a puppy* Well, that doesn't suit you. *snaps and Zuko reappears as a human* Now I'm thinking of something and you have to ask YES-AND-NO QUESTIONS!!! MWAHAHAHAA!!!!

Tsunami: Is it something we would never guess?

Malice: Yes.

Zuko: Is it animal, mineral, or vegetable?

Malice: That's not a yes or no question! Actually I changed my mind. *snaps and a gigantic Just Dance video game appears with three users labeled "Tsunami", "Zuko", and "Spock".

Tsunami and Zuko: WHAT?!?!?!!

Spock: This is illogical! I refuse to do this!

Malice: DUDE, THAT'S THE POINT. LOGIC IS OUTLAWED HERE. Do you need me to call security?!??!?!

Spock: No...

Tsunami: Why'd you invite a Vulcan if logic is outlawed?!

Malice: Oh, did I? I thought he was a rhinoceros. I guess I was wrong... Anyway, let's start this dance-off! Whoever can imitate the dance moves on the screen the best wins! *plays Led Zeppelin songs on the game*

Tsunami: *tries to imitate the moves and utterly fails*

Spock: *tries to imitate the moves and utterly epicly completely fails*

Zuko: *throws in some wicked dance moves and totally wins, putting in some firebending*

TV Audience: OOOOHHHH!!!

Malice: And that's it for tonight! Looks like Zuko is our winner! *throws Monopoly money at him* RIPNAMI FOREVER! BYE FOLKS!

Zuko: That was awesome!

Tsunami: That totally sucked.

Spock: That was completely illogical.

Malice: *puts on sunglasses and plays "Vogue" by Madonna* DEAL WITH IT. Stay tuned for Episode Three!

Episode Three

Malice: Hello and welcome to the third episode of Ad Libs! I am your host, Malice, and here are our special featured guests- Darkstalker of the NightWings, Pinkie Pie, and Donatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Let's give 'em a hand!

TV Audience: *cheers and claps*

Pinkie Pie: It's SO great to be here! I heard you have cake!

Malice: Why, yes we do! We also have falling anvils and Chuck Norris jokes with grammar mistakes in them!

Pinkie Pie: YAY!!!

Darkstalker: This had better be good.

Malice: And today, we'll ask our lovely guests some questions. Donnie, do you like waffles?


Malice: Pinkie Pie, do you like pancakes?


Malice: Darkstalker, do you like French Toast?

Darkstalker: No.

Malice: SECURITY!!!

Security: All phasers standing by.

Malice: FIRE!!!

Security: FACE THE WRATH OF EVIL ANIME PINEAPPLES, DARKSTALKER!!! *attack Darkstalker and kill him*

Malice: Not even immortality or immune scales can block my awesome security!

Pinkie Pie: Should we play Jeopardy now?

Malice: Spin the wheel for a chance to win!

Pinkie: *spins the wheel* Yay I got bankrupt!!! It's my lucky day!!!!

Malice: Donnie, what's your favorite color?

Donnie: Purple.

Malice: WRONG ANSWER!!!!

Donnie: I'm hungry.

Malice: *throws cheeseburgers everywhere and starts singing* CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!! SO JUST DANCE, DANCE, DANCE...


Malice: *throws cake at Pinkie* I have cake! Although I'm all out of triple bacon cheeseburgers.

Donnie: *catches cake* YEAH!

Pinkie: HEY! *eyes turn red and they fight over cake. Then the cake explodes and they sit down bawling.*

Malice: Well, I think that's all for tonight. And our winner is......... SECURITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for Episode Four!!!

Donnie and Pinkie: WHAT?!?!?!?!

Security: *blows raspberry* You heard the lady.

Episode Four

Malice: Hello and welcome to the fourth episode of Ad Libs! I am your host, Malice, and here are our special featured guests- Scarlet of the SkyWings, Artemis Fowl, and Shrek! Let's give 'em a hand!

TV Audience: *claps and cheers*

Malice: Today's first question will be- What's your favorite supervillain?

Scarlet: Me!

Artemis Fowl: Me!

Shrek: Me!

Malice: Well that was exciting. Stay tuned for Episode Five!

Security: HEY!

Malice: Well what do you want me to do?! Mop the floors?

Security: Ever since the dog barfed up all your Milky Way bars, we've needed someone to come and mop the floors, anyway.

Malice: I REFUSE! Wait... I have an idea. A super good idea. In fact, it's so good I bet it's even better than ARTEMIS FOWL'S IDEAS!!!

Artemis Fowl: Bring it!

Malice: You, Scarlet, and Shrek will mop the floors, and whoever does the WORST job wins the game show tonight!

Scarlet: Artemis Fowl had waaaaaay better ideas, as I recall....

Malice: Oh. Well, I guess we'll just have to play Monopoly. *snaps and a gigantic Monopoly board appears* Play ball!

Scarlet: How do you play this game?

Shrek: You just have to get the most money in the end.

Scarlet: *grabs the bank* I WIN!!!!!!!!!

Malice: There's been a bank robbery! SECURITY!!!

Security: All phasers standing by.

Malice: NO! You need to come and get the money back, you crazy pineapples!

Security: *grabs the bank from Scarlet, they wrestle over it, Security wins*

Scarlet: NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Malice: And extra bonus points to Scarlet for her perfect imitation of Luke Skywalker's "Sad Bunny Face" when he finds out Darth Vader is his father!!!

Shrek: Niiiiice. You'll have to teach me that sometime.

Scarlet: *smirks* It works better when your face is melted.

Artemis Fowl: This is crazy, I'm leaving.

Darth Vader: *appearing from backstage* Scarlet, that face was amazing! I personally must pay tribute.

Scarlet: *in Elvis voice* Thank you, thank you very much.

TV Audience: OOOOOOH!!!!!

Malice: *pulls a guitar out of nowhere and starts to sing in a PERFECT impersonation of Robert Plant* Hear meh baby comin' down the track/Betcha meh baby's comin' back!

Security: No Led Zeppelin allowed!!! Although that was a good impersonation.

Malice: SUGAR FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!! *throws cookies everywhere and turns everyone into cookies* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *in a sugar rush* Stay tuned for Episode Four!

Episode Four

Malice: Hello and welcome to the fourth episode of Ad Libs! I am your host, Malice, and here are our special featured guests- Captain Jean Luc Picard, Percy Jackson, and our requested OC guest: Lillian the RainWing!!!

TV Audience: *claps and cheers*

Malice: Today is going to be our special talk show episode, where our special featured guests open up about their lives, jobs, and personal feelings!!! First off, we're going to interview our special OC guest, Lillian! Lillian, I've heard that you work in an ice cream shop.

Lillian: Noooo...

Malice: Great! So what's it like in there? How do you feel about angry customers? Are you deeply and emotionally scarred from bad reviews and harsh bosses? What's your favorite type of ice cream? What type do customers order the most?!

Lillian: Um, I don't work at-

Malice: THAT WAS SO TOUCHING!!! OH MY POTSTICKERS!!! And there you have it, folks- Lillian the RainWing opens up about the hidden tragedies of her job at the ice cream shop!!!

Lillian: *realizes it is futile to resist and sits down, fuming*

Malice: Next up, let's see what Percy Jackson thinks about his job as the most popular singer from the 80's!!!

Percy: I'm not a-

Malice: Mr. Jackson, what was it like when you started singing with the Jackson 5 and became famous with the radio hit "ABC"?

Percy: I think you have me confused with Michael Jackson.

Malice: Nonsense! I know good music when I hear it! Next up, Captain Picard! What's up, man? How has your job as a professional yodeler been?

Picard: I'm not-

Malice: Oh, who are you kidding? I can hear that you're Swiss from your voice! You must be a great yodeler!

Picard: I'm French... *sighs and sits down, doing an epic FACEPALM*

Malice: Now let's get on to the game part! Lillian, please spin the Wheel of Fortune!

Lillian: *spins the wheel*

Malice: Looks like she got a vacation to Artime! Also known as the Land of Miniature Poodles and Classic Rock Music!!!

Alex: *pokes his head out from backstage* HEY!!!

Lillian: Uh okay...

Malice: *spins the wheel* and Percy Jackson won half a shopping cart!!! Not very useful, because it can't carry nearly as many groceries, but congratulations!

Percy: *suddenly appears by a shopping cart cut in half* Uh, thanks, I guess?

Malice: It's been great with you guys! Our winner is officially Percy Jackson!!! Stay tuned for Episode Five!!!

Episode Five

Malice: Hello and welcome to the fifth episode of Ad Libs! I am your host, Malice, and here are our special featured guests- Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and our special requested OC, Wolfstrike the SwiftWing/IceWing!

TV Audience: *claps and cheers*

Malice: Today we're going to play a game of DEADLY HANGMAN!!! Security!

Security: *comes out from backstage and hangs Harry Potter* To win, guess the word and be the first to kill him!

Malice: Your word is: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !

Indiana Jones: A

Malice: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A_ _ _ !

Wolfstrike: Z

Malice: No Zs!

Security: *tightens rope*

Wolfstrike: Dangit I knew there would be a Z! Ummm D

Malice: D_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A_ _ _!

Harry Potter: *dies*

Malice: Oops, you were too slow! The answer is Deoxyribonucleic Acid!

Wolfstrike and Indiana Jones: *facepalm*

Picard: *from backstage* That's my thing!

Malice: *snaps and makes a gigantic race car track appear* And now, for our next activity, CAR RACING!!!

Wolfstrike: *walks over to car, she's ten times bigger than the car* Can I get one made for dragons?

Malice: Absolutely not!

Indiana Jones: *climbs into the other car and takes off* WOO HOOOO!

Wolfstrike: *steps on top of her car, it flattens* ummmm

Malice: And... Indiana Jones is OUR WINNER!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! *showers him in nachos*

Wolfstrike: NUUUUUU

Malice: Nacho chips, go get your own!


Malice: NACHOS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!! *eats all the nachos* Stay tuned for Episode Six when I actually have a not-lame episode idea!