as i was writing i was like-wouldnt it be cool if this song played after chapter one? so here it is!

Somewhere Out of the Tunnels

To the tune of somewhere over the rainbow by judy garland. here are the lyrics:

When All The Caves Are A Hopeless Jumble, And The Cold Is Looming All Around

Heaven Opens Another Place

When All The Darkness Blocks The Skyway, There's Another Highway To Be Found

Leading To A Magic World

One Step Closer To The Sun

Where We Can Finally Touch The Rain

Somewhere Out Of The Tunnels

Way Up High

Theres A Land That I Heard Of Once In A Lullaby

Somewhere Out Of The Tunnels

Skies Are Blue

And The Dreams That You  Dare To Dream

Really Do Come True

Someday I'll Wish Upon A Star And Wake Up Where The Darkness Is Behind Me

Where Troubles Melt Like Sun-Scorched Eyes

Away From All The Pain And Lies

That's Where You'll Find Me!

Somewhere Out Of The Tunnels

Dragons Fly

They Fly Over The Tunnels, Why Then Oh Why Can't I?

If Happy Little Dragons Fly

Out Of The Tunnels

Why Oh Why Can't I?

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