Acre is an unusual SkyWing. He is owned by SinisterSpaceDragon.


Acre is primarily a strange raspberry red. His spikes are a slightly darker color, while his underscales are a light pinkish color. His eyes are an orangish color.

He is rather tall and thin, with long horns and large wings. He has a short tail, and his legs make up a lot of his height. His scales are rather small for a SkyWing, and seem to shine. His scales are also rather weak and easily broken, which is one of the reasons he avoids combat.


Acre's personality is as strange as his appearance. He is quiet, but not shy. He likes to be outside, and enjoys rainy days - even more than sunny ones. He likes to play board games, especially strategy ones. He considers himself smart, and he believes he is good at strategy. He prides himself on this, though his pride can get in the way of his intelligence. He seems to have a strange fascination for things that glow. He is an editor for a local newspaper, and he hates his job, finding it boring. He also has an irrational hatred of greasy food - he considers many food to be too greasy for him.


Acre has all the standard SkyWing abilities. He can breathe fire, fly fast, and is pretty good at fighting. His is also good at strategy - he can outwit many dragons. His fire is a little weak, as is his fighting, but he makes up for it with his smarts. His claws are also surprisingly sharp.


Acre was born in the Sky Kingdom, in a town near Possibility. His parents loved him a lot, even if they did think he was a little strange. His life was normal - until there was a raid on his town. His parents made sure he escaped - but he lost track of them in the battle. He is still unsure whether they are alive or not. Ever since that day, he has tried everything he can to stay away from fighting - and maybe even stop it.