Acid the RainWing


Acid usually maintains a dull-ish color palet, trying to not get any attention on him. His scales are ususally a dull emerald with purple scales and horns. The wing webs are a soft gradient of purple to blue and his eyes are an amber sort of color.


Acid is a shy Rainwing, not wanting to have attention on him at all at any time. He personally wouldnt care if the Rainwings forgot about him.He doesnt like to stay around his fellow Rainwings too much because of their lax lifestyle. He prefers more of an interesting life, but if it gets too interesting he will try to back out of it.


Acid shares no special abilities other than what is given to Rainwings. He does not stand out and prefers not to.


A typical RainWing. Art by Joy Ang.





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