Achellies is female MoonWing. She is one of Lulerb03's Ocs so please do not use her without my permission.



Why that's a nice jaw you have there, Achillies!

Achellies is a slender MoonWing. She sadly no webbed talons and she only has the ability to control a volcano. She has grey eyes and a brown tuft on her tail.


Achellies did not hatch well at all. Her egg was damaged by a few falling raindrops, Due to her disability she was abandoned by her parents and raised by her foster parent. In later life at three years she found out that she couldn't do anything the rest of her tribe could do with the exception of volcano controlling. She was crestfallen but taught herself a new skill and has been making up for it ever since.


Dragons say Achillies is rather crazy. She is not easily controlled but she is a skilled fighter. She is easily offended but if you do you will regret it!


abilities: Chi-blocking the art of hitting certain nerves and paralyzing the opponent for a while

quotes: "Say I'm crazy again and you will see how crazy I am!" Achillies to one of her opponents

trivia: she was going to be a male but was changed for no reason at all

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