Acerbus is a 10 year-old IceWing.  


Acerbus's legs have ice crystal formations on them, looking as if ice or crystals grew on him. His legs fade from to his main scale color, white, to a pure black. Acerbus has a black streak against his eye. His main scales are a pure bone white Acerbus has one unsettling icy blue eye, and the other one is a light cornflower blue. His talons are also black. His backlegs are the same with his front legs. Acerbus has pitch black horns and his tail is very long and very thin.

Instead of sharp teeth, Acerbus has a serrated jaw. The jaw can grasp things easier than regular teeth.


Acerbus is very uncaring and bitter. He talks like a serpent, adding more "s" to a word than necessary. He is very deceptive and ruthless, as he doesn't mind killing. Acerbus disapproves of just killing for fun. He has a high IQ than most IceWings. Acerbus doesn't get creeped out by the sight of blood. Acerbus hates the royal family for kicking him out of the palace after he wrote a scroll about how NightWings were better than IceWings. Acerbus thinks that if someone got themselves into trouble, they can get themselves out. Therefore he does not like to help out, and only helps out on rare occasions.