Feel free to make any of these characters in Academy of Ashes! Except for Z3r0 and Lilyfire! They all have to be 14 yrs and under! None of them are anything special, just a normal dragon of their tribe! Remember! If you make one put EXISTS beside it! :) F=Female M=Male


Team Velvet

2.Lilyfire (Rainwing) - F EXISTS

6.Grain (Mudwing) - M

1.Aquamarine (Seawing) -F

4.Coil (Trickwing) -M

3.Fastseer (Nightwing) - F

5. Blizzarde (Icewing) - F

Team Coal

4. Hawaii (Rainwing) - F

5. Muk (Mudwing) - M

6. Navy (Seawing) - F

3. Lust (Trickwing) - F

2. Bloodviper (Nightwing) - F

1. Z3r0 (Icewing) - M EXISTS

Team Scar

3. Starmine (Skywing) - F

6. Buster (Mudwing) - M

2. Kiara (Sandwing) - F

1.Skills (Trickwing) - M

5. Vilainseeker (Nightwing) - M

4.Soot (Flamewing) - F

Assassin ranking:

1st Round 1. Z3r0 2 . Skills 3 . Aquamarine

2nd Round 1 . Lilyfire 2 . Bloodviper 3 . Kiara

3rd Round 1 . Starmine 2. Lust 3 . Fastseer

4th Round 1 . Soot 2 . Hawaii 3 . Coil

5th Round 1 . Villanseeker 2 . Blizzarde 3 . Muk

6th Round 1 . Navy 2. Grain 3. Buster


This school doesn't have much history, being new and all. But it has a history for the past 2 years it has been standing. Once the Nightwing palace fell to the ground and all fled from inside, the construction of Academy of Ashes started. One Nightwing left to explore before the explosion. She had no idea the explosion would happen. She just had left the kingdom to explore. When she came back, 1 week after the explosion. She had the idea to build a school. It took her a day to make an easy-to-build blueprint. She hired a couple of Skywings and a Seawing to help her commence the build of the Academy of Ashes. It took about a month to build the academy. It was standing tall and proud! She asked the dragons she hired to ask the Trickwings, Seawings, Skywings, Icewings, Nightwings, Rainwings, Mudwings, and Flamewings if they had dragonets that wanted to be assassins. She got 18 dragonets for her academy. She got 11 females and 7 males to join. She then split them up into teams. Team Velvet, Team Coal, and Team Scar. Every month they do a test to see if they keep their place in their round or if thy will change. All of the dragons Assassinleader (the Nightwing that founded the academy) hired became teachers at the school.


Fireheart is the teacher of the Team Scar.

Aeroflame is the teacher of the Team Velvet.

Flutterfire is the teacher of the Team Coal.

Splashwind is the vice president.

Assassinleader is the principle.